The government wants to make
sure foreign students are using
their Canada visa to study.

The government has announced its intention to toughen Canada visa restrictions for international students in order to combat reported abuse of the system.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he had heard anecdotal reports of foreign citizens entering the country on a legally obtained Canada visa ostensibly to attend one of the country's colleges or universities and were either purposely seeking employment instead of studying, or were being exploited into the sex industry.

The immigration minister last month prevented foreign citizens in the adult entertainment industry from applying for a visa and was warned at the time that this would only push more people into attempting to enter the country illegally.

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 by Tom 7/12/2014 5:53:00 PM

457 visa

The 457 visa debate has 
escalated in recent weeks.

The Australian federal government's decision to tighten rules regarding the 457 visa program has ignited a bitter row across the country. Everyone from the prime minister down has weighed into the debate but what does this spell for anyone wanting to work in Australia?

What are the changes?

Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor announced that he would be tightening the visa stream's rules late last month. Using the latest employment records, the minister said increased visa approval rates contrasted against steady employment rates as justification for the rules changes.

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