The goal of AVisa4U is a to create a user friendly tool that enables individuals the ability to find critical information and direction for their emigration purposes. By cross referencing our living database of national immigration departments with personal user profiles and a completed universal application form we will be able to generate two sequenced lists.

The first list, a list of the countries that fit the users preferential parameters closest.

The second list provides users with the countries that they are most likely to be able to legally immigrate to.

Using their preferences and potential the user will be able to set parameters which display the information to help them find direction by balancing their ideal country with the most realistic opportunity. once they have settled on a destination AVisa4U then offers further support by links and address' for Immigration Dept's and contact information for local immigration professionals on the ground.

User may also make a booking to speak with one of our general emigration support staff to help them utilise the website and other resources.